Casa Lavaca

Location:  San Antonio, Texas

Status:  Completed in 2013

Client:  Casa Lavaca LLC

Partners:  Thomas Bradley and Associates, Inc., Centro Properties

Originally built in the 1930’s, Casa Lavaca’s colorful history has long been aligned with the fortunes of its eponymous neighborhood. Now nationally renowned as a hotbed of urban revitalization, the Lavaca Neighborhood still offers limited rental options for the young, creative professionals, who flock to its nightlife, food, and culture. Restoring the 5500sf property, including eight apartments, was about connecting to the present as well as the past. Highlighting the existing architectural detail, we opened up spaces where possible and installed fresh kitchens and baths to create “loft-like” interiors. Outside, the property was updated and xeriscaped to provide common spaces and other tenant amenities.  Photography by Bailey Porter.

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