El Tambo

Location:  Hunt, Texas

Status:  Completed in 2014

Partners:  John Troy Landscape Architect, Hill Country Structural, Inc.

“El Tambo” – in Spanish, a roadside inn – is also the name of an enclave in the mountains of Chile that has been a special place to our Client for decades. It is a fitting name for this retreat on the banks of the Guadalupe River, conceived as a place for her family to gather, relax, and make memories. A unique design challenge the site presented was the fact that it rests entirely under the floodplain. Hence, the 1800 sf home is raised on steel piers, with generous outdoor living spaces carved below and between three enclosures. In the main living space, a wall of glass overlooks the Guadalupe River and a dramatic limestone cliff, connecting residents with the natural beauty around them.  Photography by Bailey Porter

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